Anglo African Agriculture plc (“AAA” or the “Company”), incorporated in England and Wales and is subject to UK Companies Act, is a London Stock Exchange Main Board listed trading company, set up with the purpose of developing an agricultural trading group in Africa.

On 9 July 2014, AAA acquired the Issued Share Capital of Dynamic Intertrade (Pty) Limited (“Dynamic”) resulting in Dynamic becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Dynamic is a manufacturer of food products. Dynamic’s commercial activities fall into three principal categories:

  • Manufacturing of herbs and spices:
    Dynamic’s core operations are the manufacture of chilli and paprika blended products, and are responsible for quality control, milling blending and packaging of the product.
  • Production of guar beans:
    Dynamic agreed a Joint venture with a European company for the cultivation and production of guar splits in southern Africa.
  • Trading in agriculture products:
    Dynamic trades in black pepper, chilli flakes, coconut and dehydrated garlic products, as well as sugar beans, sesame seeds, white pepper, roasted coriander and pumpkin seeds.


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General Information

Africa is currently a net importer of food as it is the only continent on earth that does not grow enough to feed all of its inhabitants. 30 per cent of the people living there suffer from chronic hunger.


Africa holds 60 per cent. of the world's uncultivated arable land and given the right local knowledge, infrastructure, and business know-how, the Directors believe that the country has the potential to cater for those suffering from famine as well as becoming a leading exporter of various agricultural products. It has been estimated that the continent’s agricultural output could increase from $280 billion a year today to $500 billion by 2020 and as much as $880 billion by 2030.


In Africa, 70 per cent. of those employed work in agriculture related jobs, which the Directors believe will provide a significant opportunity to take advantage of a work force that is already well experienced in the sector.

Given the Directors’ collective experience in the region, plantations and in making investments in Africa, they feel that they can take advantage of the opportunity that exists and create a profitable and sustainable trading business.